Our objectives / Mission

Our objectives / Mission

To provide leadership, which promotes economic growth, professional development and awareness through the self determination of our members.

To Create and capture opportunity to lead our region to prosperity.

To prepare customers-focused team, inspired by core values, fiscally responsible and dedicated to unmatched service. To create and capture opportunity, deliver value-added benefits and provide strategic leadership to enhance our region's global competitiveness by dint of entrepreneurial nature and unique market position.

To be an advocate of better economic environment & fostering the development of business growth and prosperity.

To promote the commercial, civil, cultural, educational & industrial interests of the Kyber Pakhtun Khwa so that its business neighborhood and citizens shall prosperity.

To promote the stability within the business community making sure that the efforts and investments of our members are well preserved.

To work closely with the community leaders, city and federal agencies, and police authorities to help find solutions to the problem faced by business owners as well as the community residents.

To forge a voluntary federation of the business community uniting the efforts of business and professional individuals to ensure a healthy economics and socioeconomic base to benefit the entire Kyber Pakhtun Khwa.

To carry out its mission by means of services, advocacy, research and information sharing.